As a City Councilmember since 2013, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, including:

  • Completing Phase II of the Bernal Park
  • Establishing a solid plan to pay down unfunded pension liability
  • Opening three new parks—Rotary, Harding & Cubby’s Dog Park
  • Negotiating a new agreement to lower our garbage rates
  • Updating the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

But there’s still work to be done.  My priorities for the next four years include:

  • Maintaining our high quality of life
  • Providing fiscal sustainability
  • Focusing on environmental improvements

Maintaining Our Quality of Life

Maintaining our quality of life requires a depth and breadth of experience, which I have earned over the past 20 years in public service.  I have worked hard to preserve our small-town charm, even as our community inevitably evolves.

Some issues I will focus on over the next four years include:

  • Implementing important projects identified in the updated Downtown Specific Plan Update
    • Additional parking for both cars and bicycles
    • Creating a town square as a gathering place
    • Improving walkability on Division St. between Main and Railroad
  • Supporting our police and fire to maintain a safe community
    • Opening a new police substation by Stoneridge mall
    • Continuing to provide equipment using the latest technology
    • Providing competitive pay packages
  • Partnering with our excellent schools
  • Creating efficiencies by sharing resources and potentially co-locating maintenance operations
  • Planning for future student growth in North Pleasanton
  • Updating our parks and trails
    • Maintaining existing parks and trails
    • Continuing collaboration with East Bay Regional Parks, which resulted in the 2018 opening of the Castleridge trailhead off Old Foothill Raod
  • Collaborating with regional partners
    • Extending BART or lite rail to east Livermore and beyond
    • Completing widening of Highway 84
    • Adding HOV lanes to 680 northbound to reduce the cut-thru traffic
  • Strengthening local control over State mandated planning decisions
    • Improving building design standards for maximum local control
    • Identifying locations for the next Housing Element Update
    • Work with our state legislators to minimize state interference in our local control/planning
  • Building new library/community center on the Bernal Property
    • Continuing to explore task force recommendations to construct a new library/community center
    • Feasibility of converting existing library building into a new City Hall

Fiscal Sustainability

I’m committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of our City’s financial well-being as well as doing my best to ensure that we are:

  • Maintaining a balance budget with a ‘rainy day’ reserve of at least 20% of General Fund revenues (currently at 22%)
  • Ensuring adequately funded repair-and-replacement reserves
  • Managing our irrevocable pension trust to generate returns used to pay mandated yet unfunded pension liabilities in future years
  • Continuing to work with our state legislators for changes to CalPERS
  • Continuing to promote a business-friendly climate to retain existing & attract new thriving companies to Pleasanton. Our latest survey indicates that 91 percent of business executives reported that Pleasanton was a good or excellent location for doing business.

Keep Environmental Concerns Front and Center

We need to continue to be vigilant to preserve and maintain our city parks and open spaces.  The sustainability of our community relies on adopting state-of-the-art methods and processes to ensure our land, water and air remain as high quality as the rest of our city.  In particular, local water conservation and collection processes are vital to our continued sustainability.  Let’s become as self-reliant as possible.  To that end, I believe we should continue to:

  • Expand the “purple pipe system” for irrigation
  • Promote residential and commercial water usage conservation
  • Develop supply of and storage for the use of recycled water for landscaping
  • Execute our Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan to create additional , safe alternatives for local and regional transportation, which also relieves traffic and improves air quality.

These issues are among the most important that we will face in the coming years.  What do you think?  Contact me at and let me know.

Let’s work together to keep our City a community where we can all live, work and thrive!

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